Est. 1980’s West Hollywood 

Southern California

            Wrestling Club

For over thirty years, The Southern California Wrestling Club has been providing outstanding  and safe training in the area of Wrestling and self-defense techniques.  Most practices will be focus on FREESTYLE (OLYMPIC STYLE) rules and technique.  
Founded by Pete Runyon, the club is a member of USA wrestling and taught by nationally certified coaches.  It is an all-inclusive wrestling club that welcomes all (gender, sexual orientation) as long as one is 18+ and in good health.
Our new training facility offers classes in other areas of martial arts including Brazilian Jiujitsu, Kickboxing and Self-Defense. Several UFC fighters as well as other professionals have worked out with us. 
If you are a beginner, a seasoned MMA fighter or just want to get some exercise, please come and join us and learn excellent technique. We offer a friendly and safe atmosphere for all USAW-sanctioned wrestling club.). 

Freestyle Wrestling is a style of amateur wrestling that is practiced throughout the world. Along with Greco-Roman, it is one of the two styles of wrestling contested in the Olympic games. It is, along with track and field, one of the oldest sports in history....   Wikipedia

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